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A post by Darren Summerley reflecting Popper's view of the imperfect and ever changing word

Life is like a box of chocolates , you never know what you are going to get. So the evolution of humankind and the development of the modern world is revolutionary, when you stand back and look at it, we have, and never will agree on anything that is for the good of humanity until we can, the world will always be a place where doing right is wrong, being good is bad and the children of tomorrow will have to right the wrongs of the past, which in itself is a shameful admittance of our failures and the only way forward, humanity only be better if it admits it is wrong , and learns and moves forward , The box of chocolates is still a gamble, but you have the choice to not pick the same one again, we owe it to the world to give it the opportunity to learn by its mistakes , I’m half way through my box and I’ve learnt a lot, the moral is open the box, choose carefully, but in the end there will be a space for you as all good things come to end and a box ain’t that bad a place to be as there is always a choice for some one ……

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